Full Site Work General Contractor

  • Underground
  • Concrete
  • Excavating


SnL Group, Inc. constructs both flat and structural concrete, including, but not limited to; sidewalk, curb and gutter, stairs, building and other structure pads, retaining walls, access ramps, pipeline inlets and discharge structure, structural fish ladder, and road and pedestrian pavers.

Excavating and Grading

SnL Group, Inc. provides services for full site preparation, including but not limited to; brush and site clearing and demolition, dirt removal, grading, excavating, building pad and road prep, underground utilities trenching and backfill, and more.


SnL Group, Inc. also works on Wastewater Treatment Plant Facilities; remove and replace clarifier floor and rake arm, biodryers and pyrolysis units, improvements to existing water filter and replace water filters, sewer and water pipe and mechanical. Creek Fish Passage; construct fish screen, irrigation diversion, steel structures and panels, motorized brush cleaning system, discharge pipe and siphon pipeline and flow control headwall. Playground structure install and even tennis courts.


SnL Group, Inc. replace and installs new or existing sewer main, laterals, manholes, leach systems, septic tanks, oil and sand separators, storm drain pipe and products, water main, meters and services, valves, backflow preventor, disinfecting and testing, underground detention systems or retention ponds, manholes, catch basins, area drains, dams, inlets, outlets, culverts, electrical conduit, communication and gas installations, and more.