Commercial and Industrial

California Dept of Transportation

  • Bowman Road Slotted Drain
  • Butte & Plumas County Drain Systems
  • Platina Maintenance Station
  • Onely Creek Culvert Improvements
  • Moonlim Lee Rest Area
  • State Highway 3-Culvert Improvements
  • Westwood Culvert Improvements

Centerville Water District

  • PRV Improvements

City of Colusa

  • Bridge Street Sewer Lateral Improvements
  • Bridge Street Water Main Improvements
  • Boat Launching Facilities
  • Sunrise Landing Sewer Main Improvements

City of Corning

  • Site Improvements Project
  • Street Paving

City of Dunsmuir

  • Water Main Improvement Schedule A & B
  • Envirocon Railroad Yard Hydrant Relocation

City of Mountain Shasta

  • Side Walk Improvement Project

City of Redding

  • ADA Curb Ramp Improvement
  • Bransetter Lane Median Improvement
  • California Street Water Main
  • Carr Fire Buenaventura Trail 10-Bridges
  • Churn Creek & Maraglia Way Safety Improvements
  • Clear Creek WWTP Pyrolysis
  • Downtown Street Circulation Improvements
  • Middleton Lane Sewer Improvements
  • Oregon Street Substation
  • REU North Parking Lot Improvements
  • Shastaina Ranch Park
  • Stillwater WWTP Clarifier Floor Improvements
  • South Street Water Main Improvements
  • Various locations Sidewalk Repairs
  • Victor Street Water Main Improvements
  • Waldon Ave Substation

City of Red Bluff

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Influent Screen

City of Weed

  • Angel Valley Water line Modification
  • Angel Valley Street Improvements

City of Yreka

  • E Lennox Water Main Replacement & WTP Filter Improvements
  • Main Street Sewer Interceptor Improvements

Cottonwood Fire Station

County of Shasta

  • Deschutes Road Widening Project
  • Jones Valley Water Meter Improvement
  • Paving & Drainage Improvements
  • Riverside Ave, Fire Station 47
  • West Central Landfill-2022 Improvements

Modern Builder Contractor

  • Bike Depot-Bell Plaza
  • Block 7-Parking Garage
  • Center of Hope Apartments

National Park Services

  • Mineral Raw Waterline Phase II

Resource Conservation District

  • Antelope Creek Fish Passage (Tehama)

Southern Aluminum Finishing--Building & Site Improvements

Turtle Bay

  • Beaver Dam Filter Repairs